Huntington Partners is an independent strategic advisory firm focused on the insurance and reinsurance industry.

Our aim is to provide unbiased and creative solutions to a limited number of global and regional clients in Asia-Pacific and Europe as well as fund viable insurance and reinsurance niche opportunities.

Every firm has its own unique culture that embodies its values and the way it approaches transactions. The characteristic that differentiates Huntington is a single minded focus on our Clients’ strategic needs. Since we do not underwrite trade securities or provide investment research, we are free to explore every conceivable way for our Clients to accomplish their strategic goals.

Our firm thrives on complexity and is recognized by our Clients for original, creative thinking, and an ability to deal with the most difficult, multifaceted transactions. We approach every transaction with a fresh outlook taking into account key stakeholders aspirations and objectives. Our degree of persistence is exceptional. We will stick with a difficult transaction for as long as it takes to get it done and if it is not in the best interests of our stakeholders, we would not hesitate to abort the deal.

Huntington’s ultimate goal is to secure long-term relationships by creating solutions that consistently capture the greatest value for all our stakeholders.

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